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Artist Statement: 

Ryan Douglass is not only a singer, actor, and dancer, but also a true theatre artist and practitioner of the arts. Ryan thrives in performing a service to the audience, breathing in the truth and reality of each character they approach. Ryan strives in collaborating with other artists to build an atmosphere that is conducive to radical, inclusive, and transformative storytelling. Bringing personal living experience to every role is the challenge, and privilege, Ryan seeks as an actor!

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Ryan Douglass is an actor currently based in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Ryan is currently finishing their senior year at Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts where they will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre with a minor in Dance Composition. Ryan has been singing, acting, dancing and twirling around the stage since the age of 3 and has found a profound love for the art of performing.


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